"Bolshaya Tavolozhka" hunting farm

This is the place for fans of hunting, fishing, outdoor activities and family recreation. The hunting farm is located in the picturesque place of the Saratov region. The central seat of the hunting farm is situated on the bank of the river Bolshoy Irgiz in the village of Bolshaya Tavolozhka. The main special feature of the seat is the existence of the green belt on the whole territory of the hunting farm. The hunting seat is ideal both for enjoying family recreation and for holding different corporate events, including negotiations and casual shirt-sleeve meetings.

The hunting range occupies the area of 8700 hectares. This allows to organize each new hunt in a new location where the game hasn't been pursued. On the territory of the hunting area they have built 5 hunting towers and organized more than 17 self-feeding stations for wild animals. A large number of wild animals and fowl live on the territory of the land plot belonging to the hunting farm. Dappled deer, roe deer, wild boar, hare, fox, beaver, duck, goose — they all may become an excellent prey for our guests.
The hunting range is located by the side of the river Bolshoy Irgis. Thus, you may sit on the picturesque river bank for a while with a fishing rod and enjoy the silence, which is disturbed only by the soft breeze and birdsong. The possibility to get the guaranteed take of such fish as pike, pike perch, sheat fish, perch, Amur sleeper, silver carp and others lends additional appeal and attraction to this place.
"Pestravka" hunting farm is the place with pristine unspoilt nature and excellent environment deep in the countryside of the Samara region. It's not by chance that fans of outdoor and family recreation and hunting choose to spend time there.
The hunting farm offers its guests the organization of outdoor events at the comfortable leisure center surrounded by woods. It will serve as an excellent venue and background both for a family holiday, birthday, wedding and for a corporate event or celebration. The area is environment-friendly and easily accessible by transport. The combination of these factors, as well as availability of completely furnished and comfortable places for accommodation, tuned-up catering, and local hunter cuisine — this all will ensure pleasant pastime for the guests.

The actual area of the "Pestravka" hunting farm amounts to 6000 hectares.

The time spent at our hunting lands means traditional Russian recreation, excellent hunter cuisine, and comfortable housing conditions for sophisticated clients. Houses for the guests of the hunting farm are filled with the spirit of Russian village. And at the same time they have all conditions of urban comfort of the highest level.
On the territory of the hunting lands it is possible to take trips into the woods accompanied by an experienced gamekeeper: during the winter season by snowmobiles and sledge (team-pulled); during the summer season — by 4-wheelers, bikes, open-shell cars, on horseback. You may also take a hike on foot. During the walk you can admire animals in their natural habitat and arrange a hunt with a camera, photo shoot of animals, or a picnic. The young guests will be especially delighted with cute animals.

No toys can replace communication with the real animal world! The farm with different animals (hens, guinea fowl, pheasants, rabbits, goats, sheep, cows) and a wooden swing on the bank of the river will surely appeal to our guests. Additional pleasure from the stay at the hunting farm will be ensured by the green belt existing on the whole territory of the hunting farm, as well as by the well-equipped pedestrian-promenade area.

The staff of the hunting farm consists of highly-professional employees. The hunting farm has different types of off-road vehicles at the guests' disposal. The security service of the hunting farm performs round o'clock protection and warding of the central seat of the farm.
"Bolshaya Tavolozhka" and "Pestravka" hunting farms are ready to welcome guests at any time of the year and guarantee new breathtaking emotions to all their visitors.
2 Collective Lane, Оff 1, Samara, Russia, 443030
tel. +7 846 202 19 90
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