World CUP 2018
Russia Experience
What does Russia taste like? What kind of people live here? What makes them laugh?

A unique experience - Russia Experience - will open a mysterious Russian soul for you!

What is Russia Experience?

It's an unusual master-class (not an usual cooking class) during which you'll prepare famous Russian dishes, taste national drinks, watch a colourful show, but the main thing - you'll spend your time in talking of Russian people with stand-up masters and you will learn:
  • where bears walk down the streets
  • why Russians eat ice-cream even at -30º
  • how Russians celebrate holidays
  • what Russian hospitality is
  • why Russians go to the banya (Russian sauna)
  • where the Russian smile hides

The rate is 60 USD
Language of the course - English

It includes:
  • Russian eats and treats: pancakes with caviar, jelly, pickles
  • cooking of 2 dishes: pelmeni and frosted cakes
  • national drinks tasting (herbal tea, kvass, fruit drink, vodka, nastoyka)
  • a gift

Get to know Russia better with Russia Experience!
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