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Active rest is a great way to get acquainted with the stunning beauty and grandeur of nature. Active tourism will help you keep yourself in a good shape. Faster, higher, stronger-on the slopes of the mountains and under water, in the endless meadows and in the snow! Diving and surfing, rafting and mountaineering, cycling and hiking with a tent - everything about active recreation: countries, prices and programs.
Weekend tours are the best solution to have a good rest and gain strength for a coming week. It is also an opportunity to get to know your country better.

Instead of going to the shopping centers or to the cinema we invite you to spend the weekend with us in the Volga region! Beer in Samara and the Volga beauty, the Kazan Kremlin, the water Park in Ulyanovsk, hunting in the Saratov region – a reason to buy a ticket to our destination!

Get acquainted with Dobrynya Nikitich, watch the battle of Tokhtamysh with Tamerlane, try a variety of professions, try yourself as an astronaut - these activities are inviting children to the Volga region.

There are truly unique objects that will delight your imagionation. And perfectly selected hotels and restaurants will make the trip comfortable for both children and their parents.
2 Collective Lane, Оff 1, Samara, Russia, 443030
tel. +7 846 202 19 90
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