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Cosmic Samara
Thanks to rocket engineering and production, Samara is named the Space Capital of Russia. The space theme also prevails in the design of the new "Samara-Arena" stadium which will welcome football fans during Mundial 2018. You can get acquainted with the history of space exploration in the "Cosmic Samara (Samara Kosmicheskaya)" museum and exhibition center. This is one of the youngest museums in Samara. The front of the building is adorned by the genuine "Soyuz" rocket. In fact, it is the only vertically mounted assembled launch vehicle in Europe! Diving inside the museum, in the hall on the ground floor you'll see interactive exhibits which will tell you about how they forecast weather, how navigation systems operate, and how we can explore the Earth and outer space. You will also learn how cosmonauts occupy themselves at the orbital space station, how they work and rest, what they eat, how they wash themselves and workout, what experiments they set up, and what the results of those experiments are. One of the displays is based on fantastic films by directors of the first half of the XX century. In view of this, touring the magic space of the exhibition, you'll see how the vision of space flights changed from the most approximate, broad-brush and funny sketches to detailed, visionary and prophetic canvases! The main attention is paid to the legendary epoch of space exploration. The most important dates and events, persons and devices — all main break-through facts forming the history of space science and exploration are displayed at the exhibition. Besides, this story is told in an unusual and unexpected way, by using the folklore character - Russian "matreshka" (also known as the nesting doll)!

Samara and the military
Russia has always paid special attention to military and technical infrastructure and equipment of the country. In the Park complex of the history of technical equipment named after the academician A.D. Sakharov the guests of Mundial 2018 will see the most interesting exhibits, devoted to this topic. The Park complex is an open-air museum. The territory amounts to 38 hectares!

This allows to regard the museum as one of the largest museums on the territory of Russia! More than 460 different exhibits, demonstrating the development of automobile, aircraft, railway equipment, armored vehicles, artillery and missile and naval arms. The specimens of different arms dating back to the I and II World Wars are also displayed in the museum.

The submarine Б-307 deserves special attention. It was delivered to the museum from the duty station as a single piece. The submarines of this project are the largest diesel submarines in the world!

No doubt, the Second World War has also left its imprint on Samara. The Stalin's Bunker is considered to be a landmark place in Samara. It is situated at the depth of 65 meters under the ground, and it was a backup place where the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, I.V. Stalin, could stay.

Samara and beer
If you find yourself in Samara, it is impossible not to notice and pay attention to the complex of old-time buildings screened by high brick fencing. That's how the "Zhigulevsky" brewery looks like. It is one of the oldest breweries in Russia. It was founded by Alfred von Vacano who came to Samara from Austria. 35670 buckets was the volume of beer produced during the first year of operation of the brewery. The brewery was awarded with gold medals and prizes for its achievements and merits. Now the range of the beers produced by the brewery, apart from iconic "Zhigulevskoe" and "Samarskoe" beers, includes four new brands named after the founder of the brewery ("Von Vacano light", "Von Vacano Venskoe (i.e. Viennese)", "Von Vacano dark", "Von Vacano 1881"). Each of the beer brands is brewed in accordance with a special recipe by using only natural raw ingredients and in-house technologies. Apart from the said brewery, the guests of FIFA 2018 may also visit smaller private breweries.
Samara and dachas
What is a dacha? This is a summer house located outside the city where city dwellers spend their summer, relaxing near a river or a lake, barbequing, etc. Some grow tomatoes and cucumbers, breed hens and goats at their dachas. In any case, dacha is the soul of a city dweller, looking for tranquility, silence, and calm.

We offer you to get familiar with the Russian soul and the life in the countryside dacha. At the distance of 45 kilometers from Samara, there is a farm household with the guest house complete with all modern conveniences. Nearby one may fish in or canoe down the river, ride a bike on green grass quick as the wind.

In order to experience Russian cuisine you may take part in bread baking, pickling, canning. If you want to cook yourself, you have the kitchen in the guest house at your disposal. You may also take horseback riding lessons.

And if you are a fan of our winged and feathered friends and plants, be sure to take part in taking care of birds and plants in the greenhouse.

For those who like to do some work on vacation, there is an opportunity to work on the comb for wool. This comb is more than 100 years old!

You may also take part in patchwork workshops, restoring furniture items, and making pillows from hay. Maybe you will buy such a pillow as a souvenir from Russia!

Russian safari
Hunting and fishing have long-established traditions in Russia. And the guests of the World Football Championship may connect with these traditions. About 2 hour drive from Samara there is a hunting area covering the territory of 8700 hectares of woods. At 17 self-feeding stations you may watch wild animals in their natural habitat. Rare dappled deer, roe deer, wild boar, hare, fox, beaver – you will see all these animals in immediate proximity, under the supervision of an experienced gamekeeper.
At extra cost it is possible to organize a hunt, if you wish. On the territory of the hunting area there are comfortable guest houses and a restaurant where you may try hunter dishes. For fans of fishing there is a wonderful river in which you may catch a sheat fish weighting up to 100 kg!

More info
One of the oldest and most beautiful cities of Russia celebrated its 1000 anniversary in 2005. In the city you can witness the genuine crossroads of civilizations: Europe meets with Asia, absolutely different cultures intertwine in the most astonishing and remarkable manner.

The history of Kazan is full of dramatic events, including the siege by the troops of the first Russian tzar Ivan the Terrible in 1552. The city is known as a popular tourist center. In October 2010 it welcomed its millionth tourist. One of the most popular attractions among tourists is the white-stone town fortress – Kremlin. It was built in the ХVI century. Now the Kremlin is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Fund. The oldest orthodox cathedral – the Annunciation Cathedral – stands on the territory of the Kremlin side by side with the Qol-Sharif mosque, which was erected in the end of the XX century and was modelled after the main mosque of the Kazan khanate that stood at the very same place. The Söyembikä "leaning" tower is also situated here. Its spire hades for nearly two meters.

The Bulgharians
One of the most unique and valuable sightseeing attractions of Russia is situated not far from Kazan, in the vicinity of the small town of Bolghar. The ancient settlement of Velikie (i.e. Great) Bulghary was founded in the X century. It was one of the largest towns of the Volga Bulghars until the thirteenth century. And in the XIV century it became the center of the Bulghar territory.

The site of the Bulghar ancient settlement forms part of the state historical and architectural museum preserve. It contains nine most ancient architectural monuments and epigraphic artifacts, dating back to the ninth century. The ancient town was destroyed and restored several times!

In the Bulghar museum preserve there are a lot of interesting places which the guests of the World Championship should definitely visit. The first artifact that you should see without fail is the "Adoption of Islam" memorial sign. It was erected in order to eternalize the adoption of Islam by the Volga Bulghars. The construction constitutes a full-blown building of considerable dimensions! Inside the construction there is the largest Koran that has ever been printed. It weights 0.5 tons. If closed, its dimensions are two meters by one meter and a half. The book cover is made from malachite fabric and is very beautifully decorated. The patterned ornament and the binding are also worthy of attention. The ornament is made from silver and coated with the layer of gold, and the binding is made from leather.

The exhibition displayed in the construction contains a lot of different objects which will tell you about the development of religion in this area. One more place worth visiting is the "Museum of bread". Here you will be able to learn about all stages of baking bread in ancient Bulgharia. To this end on the territory of the complex there are mills, smithery, and a wide range of various agricultural and farming equipment. The displayed exhibits vividly demonstrate the stages of development of all branches of husbandry somehow or other related to bread.

Saransk is the capital of Mordovia. This city is named the sport capital of the Volga region (so called Povolzhye). The Cathedral Square is the main square of the city, and you should visit it without fail. The finest jewel of the square is the cathedral church named after the Admiral F.F. Ushakov. You'll be astonished by its beauty, grandeur, and architectural achievement. You should also walk around the squares and streets of the city, peeping into the local temples along the way. Both new and old churches are the examples of traditional church construction. Museums of the city are also worth visiting. They are interesting not only due to their exhibitions and displays, but also due to the buildings in which they are housed. You may finish your walk in the park named after the poet and writer A.S. Pushkin or near the monument to Emeljan Pugachev. As for souvenirs, sweets and candies are regarded as one of the acknowledged Saransk memorabilia! Once upon a time, the Saransk confectionary was famous in all neighboring regions. Today, apart from the republic of Mordovia, it is practically impossible to buy its product range. Many brands of sweets and candies are still sold wrapped in retro-style wrappers, which is very interesting and unusual.

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